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rooms magazine

rooms magazine

rooms magazine

rooms magazine

rooms magazine

rooms magazine

ROOMS is an independent art magazine located in Shoreditch, London. Within the 6 months I worked for ROOMS I mainly specialised in interviews with upcoming creative talent, and opinion pieces; experimenting with different formats and keeping the content interesting and innovative. 

"Our society is in need for individuals like the ones above, so we can leave all those misconceptions about sex and sexuality behind us and work towards that one moment where we can finally all openly accept that women do masturbate, there is no one in this world that is 100 percent straight, and sex is as opposed to what you have been watching in your bedroom with the door locked, more raw and real than anything you have ever been confronted with on the internet, rap song video clips or perfume ads."

"There is this exciting paradoxical element within art. On the one hand we pretend that art should be something that belongs to humanity

; on the other hand art has its own world, its own domain where it can live safely, on its own autonomous rules, and it doesn’t have to be bothered by this cold, ever speculating world."

Interview Ide Andre  

The idiosyncratic story of his life as a painting rascal

"I just finished working on my new series 'Someone Here'

a documentary exploration of the Atacama Desert in Chile, where the rise of the mining industry has led to an alarming environmental detriment. As a Chilean artist, I think it is important for me to show the stories of my country and help raise awareness of its problems."

sex in the art scene 

How today's artists are demolishing the misconceptions around sex and sexuality

interview alexandra uhart

Real stories through the power of image

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