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In all my projects I pride myself in maintaining a constant curiosity. This manifests itself in my love for conducting in-depth research. For i-D, I developed a platform that evolves around young subversive creatives challenging standards in our current society. I created this project from start to finish; however, finding over 50 young creatives, researching their work, getting to know them and their purpose remains my favourite part within the whole process, and is something I want to continue doing in the future. 



By working for numerous publications, I have gained experience as a multi-faceted journalist; mainly covering the subjects of fashion, art, societal tendencies and pop culture. I have experience in copywriting and have provided writing for many brands with the purpose of communicating their brand identity; from target group descriptions to vision and mission statements, to campaign slogans and press releases. During the Honours Program 'Fashion Theories', I also got affiliated with academic writing and earned the highest grade for my theses .


Branding/Concept Creation

Having studied International Fashion and Branding for four years, I've accumulated branding skills that support the creation of brand identities and its translation to end products. Specialising in being a versatile storyteller, I translate mood, look and feel into strong and innovative concepts both visually and textually.



During my years as a branding student I worked my way up to taking on a position as project manager on numerous amount of projects; leading teams, motivating them and guiding them towards high quality and innovative end products. I continued to have this drive within my professional career at Amsterdam Fashion Week and worked my way up from Editorial Intern to in-house Graphic Designer to Editor-in-Chief in less than two years. I fully owe this growth to my organisation skills.


Hi! My name is Lois Van der Wildt. 

I'm interested in the parallels between fashion, contemporary society and pop culture, and translate this into copy, concepts, and strategies. I have an honours degree in International Fashion and Branding, having pursued the honours programs: ‘Fashion Theories’ and ‘Fashion and Editorial Branding’. I am currently working as Editor-in-Chief of Amsterdam Fashion Week and as a freelance writer for inspiring brands and publications.


Some words that describe me:

passionate sarcast, endlessly curious, obsessive planner, proud comfort seeker; most of all an over-sharing storyteller. (Who doesn't like those hu?) 

Thanks! Message sent.

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

Lois van der wildt

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